After having my first child my skin became incredibly dry and my hair became flat and lifeless. Nothing would nourish or revitalize my skin especially the simple lightweight face moisturizer I had been using for 9 years!  I was also desperate to fix my sad hair. Postpartum hormones can do a number on your body. 

When I started to search for a deeply nourishing lotion that was organic and made with only a few ingredients, everything I found was outrageously expensive. I couldn’t afford 2oz of lotion for $75, I’d go through it in a day! That’s how dry my skin was. When looking for a volumizing texture hair spray everything I found had so much stuff in it, most of it was unrecognizable. Over the past 2 years I’ve developed recipes for skin balms that deeply nourish and repair all types of skin and a natural hair spray that is basically a god damn magic trick where it goes from flat to big in a matter of minutes. My entire family and extended family uses Viola Lee Products. To say Viola Lee has changed my life would be an understatement. 

xo Meg